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Temporal Deviation -ex- by Syntax-Code Temporal Deviation -ex- by Syntax-Code
After five tries of making the time machine work, Gizmo had started keeping a close eye on her mentor. She wasn't about to let him try again and possibly damage himself more. The Jetwing had fused into his body, and after that... No. She wouldn't think about it.
Midnight walked into the Receiver Room and looked over his machine. The night before, he examined the test logs from the last five attempts, carefully analyzing them for exactly what caused the failure. Today, he went straight for what his notes depicted, and adjusted everything he needed to. After he replaced the last plug, the machine gave a low hum. Midnight gasped. It's working..., he thought. With anticipation and curiosity, he strode onto the middle platform where glowing blue lights danced in a steady circle. The arcane matrix generator was at full power, and was functioning smoothly, the first time in months!
He gave a long sigh and telekinetically grabbed the lever. And pulled. In a flash of light, Midnight Blade was no longer there.
From outside, his older self watched in horror as he was left alone in this time period. The dials on the machine read "2031". His present future.

After the vortex of swirling lights, Midnight found himself standing on the time machine's terminal. The only difference was the circling lights below him, which had turned red. It needs recharging, he mused. He took a look around this room to find that he was definitely no longer in his Receiver Room. This one had a clearly upgraded time machine, and was significantly cleaner (and shinier) than his. He wondered if this was his lab in the future. But he had set the machine to go back, right? A door to his left opened as he scanned the room, and a light blue mare glanced his way. She took a second look, one of disbelief replacing her bored features.
"Midnight?" she gasped. The stallion spun around to see his assistant, Gizmo, almost at his height. She had her cutie mark, a wrench and screwdriver below an lightning bolt. Without a doubt, he was in his lab. A second thought crossed his mind: If I'm here, then my older self should be here, too!
How little he truly knows...

:bulletblue: Whew! That excerpt was a little longer than I wanted, but I just whipped it up.
:bulletblue: So here's my entry for #MLP-ATG-Alumni, a pony in the future! This is lucky, so there's a two-for-one here as well. The situation goes like this: it's like an alternate universe within the Going Back series. After the Jetwing is fused into his body, but before he discovers his older self in the past/(younger's present), this can occur. He successfully fixes the time machine, and uses it to travel forward. Like I said, lucky situation.

OCs & Time Machine design (c) myself
MLP (c) Faust/Hasbro
TerribleTransit Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
Yay, more people doing writing! And time paradoxes! And fancy machines!
Syntax-Code Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay, comment! Thank you!:D
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